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25 year old Male
Last online over 8 years ago
Things about me.. hm.. lets see
Ok I'm 16 and I am antisocial.I'd say alot.Every time someone tries to come down and ask me something on the street,or in school,or wherever there are people,I just shy out and don't even talk to them.I fear that if I open my mouth I'll say something really bad,or that will offend them in some way.I don't know why I feel that.But I don't like crowds either,I like being alone,with one,or two people from time to time,in a relaxed environment.Because crowds have too many noises,too many scents,too many...People.I don't remember how you call the fear of crowds,but I'm like that.I hate people and I'm vigilant towards them,I don't know why,I must also be paranoid.But I still deal with them everyday somehow,and it never killed me.Oh well,I'm weird I guess Haha :)
but i really do wanna make friends it's just to damn HARD when your an antisocial Like me.What else hmm OTAKU? Yes I am!
I love all things about japan.
I'm a big fan of Japan!!!! :DDD