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24 year old Male
Last online over 7 years ago
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hey its been a a while

blackmage @blackmage left a comment for cursed_9
Jan 20, 14 at 1:32pm

Hey cursed_9 playing pokemon x & y? :P


Hey whats up?


Whats up neighbor ?

blackmage @blackmage left a comment for cursed_9
Jan 05, 14 at 6:14pm

Ey thanks for add! ;) Cool another person who likes culture and history! (^o^)

So are you enjoying it here in Maioutak? :)

akuma_rozu @akuma_rozu left a comment for cursed_9
Jan 05, 14 at 6:17am

Hey,thanks for the request,how are you? :3(btw,I love your profile pic ^_^)

Trash Ramen @exherokid left a comment for cursed_9
Jan 05, 14 at 2:39am

Yooo thanks for the add :)
nice avatar, love TWGOK dat pfp.


of coursee.. i have friends who likes anime..... :P ^~^v
our school even did a event where some 4th year stufents can cosplay(for our english week) but that was 2 years ago.. ;3

well we can't really push them if they don't want to, i'm sure you'll make alot of friends that can understand you in real life, but that's harsh liking anime is never weird (T ^ T) they just don't understand how is it ヽ(´o`;

try the second season too, i was frustrated at some episodes but yeah it was good ;)

i stopped watching detective conan since i was really busy at school.. i think i stopped somewhere between episode 590-610... that is if i'm not mistaken XD

it's fine, it's not like i'm any good either (^ー^)ノ


eh? rare? XD
i thought they were many.. well here at my area anyway.. there are otakus at my school but i guess they're not that many too ;3

as of now.. it's kimi ni todoke.. but i'm trying to finish the looooonngg series of detective conan though :D

Jan 04, 14 at 6:23pm

Hey guys i just finished watching an Anime called Another it was Bloody hell Awesome!!ヽ(´▽`)/,But now I'm bored Can someone suggest an anime for me to watch? here are the genre:school,Action,drama,comedy and with a little romance in it that be cool xDD oh yeah and the main should be really really strong like the main characters from chrome shelled regios and kore wa zombie desu ka well those kinds of anime.Ohhhh yeah sry for the bad grammar.Tehee!(*≧ω≦)/