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33 year old Male
Last online over 5 years ago
United Kingdom
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Jun 06, 18 at 6:10am
I am fine thanks, how about you? Thank you!
SinfulRockstar @sinfulrockstar I am hungry for pizza
Jun 06, 18 at 5:19am
Hey there, I'm great thanks, how're you? :D
Ninetales @ninetales left a comment for CrownClownED
Jun 05, 18 at 6:48pm
The people here are super nice! I'm in a couple conversation groups and everyone is always so nice. When I can't think of a word in Japanese they try to help me and when they can't think of something in English I help them
Hi my name is Edvard. I'm 27. I like to watch Anime, TV, Music, play video games and love to hang out with my friends! I listen to a lot of different types of music basically anything I like but I do Love Rock/Metal/Alternative and of course I do listen to Japanese music from anime's. I do play loads of different games RPG/Action/Shooter/Strategy/Retro/Other I like to play Anime games as well as they are fun and good with story line. I have got PC/Xbox One/PS4/ Nintendo switch and some other consoles as well. Only went to one ComiCon which was small would like to go to big one like London. Would love to visit and see Japan as well as that would be so much fun. Cosplay I would like to do. Never had a date before and never done any dating sites. But I guess there is first time for everything! I'm quite shy at first until I'm comfortable to talk to people and I know what to talk to them about. Im looking for someone special but also some friends with same interests.