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27 year old Female
Last online 12 months ago
Dublin, Ireland
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Hold up.. just saw your pictures. Do you smoke grass or something? lol.. ? That's not legal just incase you didn't know.. lol :3
Hey, looking to chat! Think the guy 3 below me typed "mom" 1 too many times lol I can see you have good taste.. GTO in your favorite anime? Legend.
slang0724 @slang0724 left a comment for chubbybunny2
Oct 16, 21 at 9:09pm
This account has been suspended.
Oct 11, 21 at 1:04am
also, i like your aesthetic. its very witchy looking!
Oct 11, 21 at 1:03am
Hello there (: , whats it like in ireland? i have ancestors from there. my moms mom mom mom mom, came over on a boat from ireland. ive been told im about 25% irish. Do you guys eat alot of potatoes there?