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Last online about 2 years ago
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Jan 02, 19 at 1:41am

Yo, Chibi Chan.. What's up?


Hi All! =^_____^=

Here are some of my social media pages, since i dont get on this site as much.
If you want to talk with me, send DM to my IG page, i'm more active on that compared to here. :3

IG Page

eBay Page

Youtube Page


Hey I love too be friends chibi

DaveTheLeg @davetheleg left a comment for chibi_chan
May 14, 17 at 9:12pm


Ohatarcale @ohatarcale left a comment for chibi_chan
Ohatarcale @ohatarcale
Dec 08, 16 at 10:26pm

After looking through your anime list the only thing I could think of is Celty from Durarara...or if you want to go towards video games Lucina from Fire Emblem would be really cool and not as common as Celty!


Hello Friends.
I was wondering if I may ask for some cosplay help, I am wanting to cosplay at a con later this year, but I want to go as a masked cosplay, but I'm not sure who I should cosplay as. :/
I only have 3 characters thus far but if anyone has more masked characters I would love to hear them. ^.^ Thank Yous. :3


Hello Friends! :D

How was everyone's Thanksgiving??
Sorry I wasn't able to respond to a few messages in the past few months, life has gotten pretty crazy. :S
But hopefully I can get back online much more before the new year. ^_^

Also I FINALLY have an IG Account! ^___^
Plz To Check It Out If You Are Interested!

blacknekoo @blacknekoo left a comment for chibi_chan
Aug 05, 16 at 2:50pm

Oh I'm happy you liked the one I shared!^^
Omgii I kinda died of laughing that was so awsomee :D
Thank youuuu so much for sharing that made my day heehee!

Ssdiz2le @ssdiz2le left a comment for chibi_chan
Ssdiz2le @ssdiz2le
Jun 24, 16 at 7:55am

Yes, stupid question... how do you post pics on other ppls pages <?

MrPanduhhh @mrpanduhhh left a comment for chibi_chan
MrPanduhhh @mrpanduhhh
Jun 23, 16 at 11:12pm

I've alway wanted a Diru shirt but I always wanted to buy one from their shows.

I'm pretty sure they're going to kill a fan favorite character though since they made such a big deal about it T_T. Hopefully the reveal of who died doesn't give me a heart attack xD.

Ahh I see I'll check it out when I have the time x]. Yeah he honestly seems like a really cool guy. Meeting him would be a dream!!! I believe the game is called Death Stranding which like the spiritual successor to the Silent Hill game they canceled.

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