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30 year old Male
Last online 7 days ago
Duluth, MN
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gundham tanaka was here

beastiebox @beastiebox I should be so blessed. =o
thefriz @thefriz left a comment for beastiebox
Aug 31, 20 at 5:55pm

Hi! Nice to meet you as well. Thank you so much for accepting my request.


thank you for accepting my friendship x3 I am having a good Sunday, kinda did a few chores but I am spending the rest of my day just being lazy and watch a few streams

beastiebox @beastiebox That's great to hear! And no problem! Sorry for the late response. What kind of streams do you watch?
anausagii @anausagii left a comment for beastiebox
Jul 07, 20 at 4:31am

Thank you that's my main. Hmm do you play apex?

beastiebox @beastiebox Oh shoot, I never got notification for this! I apologize! I do play Apex, but am taking a hiatus right now, to work on some business. I main Bangalore or Octane. Everyone tells me to shoot for the Gibby over bang, but I cant quite catch the movement.