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26 year old Female
Last online about 13 hours ago
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Jan 28, 18 at 5:30pm

You're welcome! How are you? ^^

Jan 24, 18 at 2:13pm

Hi, happy birthday *gives you all flavors of pocky*

Jan 20, 18 at 3:08pm

Happy Birthday :)

Have a great one!


Happy Birthday to Me ♡

Jan 05, 18 at 12:44pm

holy shit... I swallowed my pride and watched GT's video on Doki Doki... and holy shit... no one is more hyped for Team Salvato's horror game than I am! >.<

Jan 04, 18 at 5:53am

Hey I have something I'm being forced to confess, I'm in love with you. Not a crush, or a simple case of misunderstood admiration, but I'm straight up in love with you. It's hard for me to admit this, because i've never felt this way before, My heads a mess I can't sleep nor even distract my brain from you with manga & shit. It's sickening and comforting, if you could help me resolve these feelings please do, you're killing me lmao.
On another note, hope you've slept well when you see this, and I like you really, I hope you didn't take this in bad taste :)

Jan 04, 18 at 1:17am

Yeah sorry about that, I'll make this the parting message, but yeah hopefully it's fixed by tommorow, or i'll need to start writing all my conversations in a notepad and F*** that XD but yeah sleep well pocky-chan :D go easy on the sullied dreams ;P

Jan 04, 18 at 1:04am

Hey i'm just posting on here, for some reason my messages have flopped on me, it's not letting me send nor even view them now lol, should pick back up in an hour or so, it did something similar with the recent section earlier lol
But yeah sorry about that technical difficulties here's Gon apologising for me :D

Jan 03, 18 at 2:06pm

lol, only if you want to... xD but here's what you're missing out on:

Jan 03, 18 at 2:03pm

lol, btw, have you tried any Doki Doki Mods? some are petty good.. x3

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