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32 year old Male
Last online 10 months ago
Parkersburg, WV

I'm a traditionally mentored Chef, Cake Decorator, and now a Deli Team lead at a retail store.
Sounds less exciting, but having the consistency and work/life balance has been huge for myself.

I have Doggo, Ripley, who is slow to warm up to newcomers unfortunately, but he is absolutely loveable once he gets to know someone.

I've always been a huge fan of anime & manga, but over the past few years my interests in the otaku lifestyle has gone full blow. I guess access to adult money and having your own place does that.

Horror, specifically Survival Horror & psychological horror are my favorite genre/sub-genre. Followed quite closely by romance & slice of life.
I collect figures, manga, art books, and collectors editions/boxsets.

I will save some stuff for conversation, however a few tidbits.
My favorite anime is K-on, movie is A Silent Voice.
It's hard to choose a manga, but I do re-read Cage of Eden once a year.
Also, Ram is best Girl, Takeo is best boy.

I do play MTG,D&D, and Apex Legends the most outside of my other interests.