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23 year old Male
Last online over 2 years ago
About Me: I am one who can tell you a chlich├ęd story but when it's not you know it's food. (like food you eat...)

One can call me a pacifist and and an introvert but my mood depends on the occasion.

I can talk about almost everything that's not related to business.

I like listening to different kinds of music, though i'm not into hyper agressive songs.

I like to try different kinds of food and food recepies.

I would like to go to japan sometime in my life but not just for the anime! The food, culture and architectures are the things that i'm more interested in.

I'm looking for someone with whom i can argue with (but in a positive way) and soneone that can eat/drink almost everything.

Oh yeah, I also watch anime varied between comedy and tragic anime.

NO Mechs though.