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Shooters and anything with action

gone @chriswalker7 started Shooters and anything with action
gone @chriswalker7
Sep 13, 13 at 7:09pm

What kind of action/ shooters do you like


off the top of my head sniper elite home front wolfenstein medal of honour gta and many more


I play The Last of Us, and Bad Company 2.

PSN: PeePeeMunsta

I prefer team games with a hybridization of strategy and tactics. The Last of Us is like crack cocaine to me. I just love running out of ammo and running up to a person and going worldstar on them using brawler 2. Ninja healing with first aid, or smoke-shivving someone in a group and running away. Even being downed in that game is fun, because I can crawl in front of a person the enemy is trying to revive while pretending to be a baby, undergoing a special execution.

Man... I love The Last of Us.


Its mainly Battlefield, Halo, and Call of Duty alot lol.

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