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J Stars Victory Vs. Discussion


If you haven't heard of it look it up. It's a Shounen Jump Crossover Fighter. Looks awesome, i hope to see Allen Walker added. But i'm happy to see Gintoki, Luffy, and Goku on it. Who else is excited for it and what do you want to see added?

Sep 03, 13 at 12:37am

Really? No one? Seriously?


No one else is excited for this? I'm gonna be persistent there has to be others who are looking foward to it.

Sep 04, 13 at 10:06am

Why does no one want to talk about this? I mean come on a Shounen 3D crossover fighter how can you not like that? I mean it has Goku, Naruto, Toriko, Luffy, Ichigo, Kenshin, Some gag police type character, Gintoki, Gon, and Yusuke.


Importing a PS3 game is about patience and decision.
Patience part: Are they releasing it worldwide or not? ex. Dragonball and Naruto are sure sales globally
Decision: Is this game going to be worth playing? Applies to certain anime and well established franchises that the developer decided not to release globally.

This game looks like a good import...Gintoki has a possibility of making this sell more.

Sep 06, 13 at 10:17am

I'm actually hope to see Allen Walker, it's character from Weekly Jump i believe, and Claymore is a part of it. So i'm crossing my fingers for Clare or Teresa.


Vegeta, Sasuke, Zebra, Gon, and Yusuke are in it. Zoro should be announced soon.


I looking forward to Tsuna from hitman

But I already really want the game because of Gintoki >_< He like 99% of the reasons

I dont think it going to be a worldwide release, licensing issue and stuff I think. I really dont want to import it tho T_T

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