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MaiOtaku Steam Group?


Yeh I was there when it first started and boy did it had issues lol. I should of had a bigger Steam Games Library but I got a somewhat stable job so I have been buying Sales lol. Got over 100 games in my library.


My steam name is RawrRiceball.
I got a bunch of games, but I have a major backlog..


Invite sent! Ditto on the backlog, haha.

Sep 21, 13 at 3:13am

only multi-player games i have are TF2, Rusty hearts ,Skull girls and god mode

Sep 22, 13 at 12:24pm

Invite sent! Is it weird that I'm jealous of the time you've racked up on Skyrim?


I have 86 games in my Steam list.......that I havent played yet.....
But thats out of 218....
Just so much to do and never enough time -_-

Sep 25, 13 at 10:41pm


Almost 9 years for me; my account was created on 15 Nov, 2004--three days before the release of Half-Life 2, and for that precise reason.

My stats seem to have been wiped at some point though; that or Steam only retains a certain amount of history.

I used to do Portal mapping, so you'll see a bit of that in my Workshop. At least three of my maps are still in the all-time top 100.


Invited to the group! I'm not sure what it was like in the earliest days, but a lot of the statistics are a newer thing. Steam only started keeping track of playtimes and whatnot AFTER a certain date. Not sure what that date was... 2009 maybe? I think it was around the time of the "Great Steam Treasure Hunt." So, naturally, it doesn't know anything from before that update.

Sep 26, 13 at 9:46pm

Bombader on Steam, mostly hooked on Civ. 5 right now.

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