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Best games to play drunk


Gang beasts the fighting looks like their drunk already with how they get knock out so easily.


I think Mario kart would be fun blitzed out of your gourd, especially if you have to take a shot if you get first place!


Cards Against Humanity


Gang Beast is pretty spot on but personally I laugh so hard playing Fall Guys with drunk buddies.


Five Finger Fillet


Dark souls would be the only game I can actually play drunk, because I played this drinking game I saw TFS do on their gaming stream called "Drunk Souls". Basically, Everytime you die you take a shot. My friend and I did this for Dark Souls 3 taking turns. Welp, I stopped giving a fuck about dying or not and rushed in like a Chad. Granted I died numerous times but eventually I Rock Lee'd my way far into his saved file.


Wow. Love that idea but I'd probably die of alcohol poisoning. That game series is rough and tough.


It's honestly a hell alot of fun with friends

Nov 14, 21 at 1:39am

Surprised i havent seen VRChat mentioned yet.. pretty much have to play it drunk.
Outside of social "games", id say games like No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous are fun.


I've never done VRChat, how's that? I imagine it'd be difficult still for me to get over my initial anxieties of meeting people even on there. That was my issue with GTA RP.

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