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Genshin Impact

I wouldn't say it's an Isekai either. However I will say it's a great money sink simulator.
Aug 01, 22 at 10:54pm
@gabriel_true but the game is perfectly playable without reskins? Overall the whole game is 100% completable without paying a single dollar. And there is no PVP either sooo
Problem with that is this is a multi billion dollar company. No one does anything for free and that isn't Mihoyo's business model from the start. Technically yes I could play the game start to finish with Amber and skip out on additional content, but at the end of the "story" is a perpetual cliff hanger of please roll for more "bonus" content for entertainment as we never reach any real conclusion to said story. It's been over 2 years since GI was released to the public going on 3 and last I checked only 3 of the 7 story related regions have been made accessible. That's after an additional 2 years of closed beta testing for a total of 5 years of development at minimum. In that time they have used their billions to fine tune how to prey on people's need to enjoy the game by purposely with holding one's ability to fulfill the main games quest while they inundate you with additional characters that you HAVE to gamble for with real money realistically unless you want to spend the next 17 years grinding for primo gems to unlock them all by chance. That's made worse when they also lock many characters behind a TIME EXCLUSIVE WALL. Like you can't get Venti or Ganyu whenever you want it's only for 1 random month in the year. This is done on purpose to put pressure on those that don't spend real cash. Also made worse you can get duplicates of other characters you already own. At the end of the day the average person more than likely makes roughly $100 to $200 every couple of months which seems small at first, but adds up quickly each year. That's not considering those that spend well over $1000 a month which does happen. Saying that is a problem of the consumer ignores the company's responsibility in preying upon that weakness. Again Mihoyo isn't a small company. It has multiple titles under its belt all making millions of dollars each fiscal quarter. I wouldn't defend any company that offered FREE SAMPLES of their wares if they are intending to lace said samples with addiction. So I stand by my earlier statement.
@audiosenpai Yes, I think of Isekai as more of an umbrella term, but I was specifically talking about the reincarnation ones - not just transmigration or summoning. Several years back I would say transmigration was the more popular theme but in the last year I've seen a dramatic uptick in reincarnation ones. That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime, The World's Finest Assaassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (very hilarious one, I might add), The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, Trapped In A Dating Sim. These are all reincarnation Isekai.
Sep 03, 22 at 4:32pm
Love to play with more people. I need to get back on it level 9 here. I am playing now. if anyone wants to add me just message me.
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