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Onizukas Steam Giveaway VII


I have Dead Rising 2 and 3 on the PC. Haven't played 3 yet because I started playing 2 with Arc. I think we just started Off the Record a couple months ago but caught some good sales. We've put it on pause for Remnant: From the Ashes (which is awesome - like a shooter Dark Souls) and Grim Dawn which is kinda like Diablo.

Also I would have to say Dead Rising is probably one of my favorite game series. Because:
1. Zombies
2. Anything is a weapon
3. It's quirky

Jul 07, 20 at 9:52am

Shooter dark souls? Well now that sounds rather fascinating! Let me know what you think whenever you’re done with that stuff


I can tell you now it's fun. There are a couple expansions for it now I think and we'll get them when they go on sale. It's hours of fun. I don't know what the max is of people you can co-op with, but Arc and I play with his friend Haki. Haki is making a review video with some of our gameplay in it. As soon as he's done editing I'll upload it.

Here's a trailer for Remnant.


So since it's a shooter and like Dark Souls you deal with leveling up your character to do things like regen health/stamina faster, improve reload times... nothing like getting into a precarious situation where you need to shoot to defend yourself and your person is taking 10 seconds to reload their freaking gun when melee weapons will more than likely get your heath halved. Anyway... it's a good, challenging game. There are bosses in it that I don't see how anyone could do without co-op.

Jul 07, 20 at 10:01am

Well I know what I’m buying today!!!


add me on Steam



Just waiting on Gimme le nuggys to pick up her friend request so that I can DM her the code. Then I will give Carooli-chan a 2nd pick, and them immediately launch a new giveaway with 12 new games. :)

I will give Gimme a few days to respond.


Games remaining.


Horizon Chase Turbo

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Desert Child

Train Valley 2

Capitalism 2

(The following 3 games are courtesy of Ellie)

Pac-Man 256


Of the following games, only 2 can be won. So a claim of one of these three will run against claims of the other two.


The Hex

Warstone TD

Of the following games, only 4 can be won.
Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark

Battle Chasers: Night War



AI War 2


Of the following games, only 6 can be won.
This is the Police 2

Opus Magnum


Raiden V: Directors Cut

Driftland: The Magic Revival

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


Of the following games, only 7 can be won.
Jurassic World: Evolution

Rise of Industry


The Swords of Ditto: Mormos Curse


Heave Ho

Mo: Astray



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