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Onizukas Very Merry Unbirthday Steam Giveaway


I like how this giveaway, which has like less than a 1/2 the games of my birthday giveaway, has more participants. And that one was up for a month and this one only a week. XD

✪ Father Figure Friendly commented on Onizukas Very Merry Unbirthday Steam Giveaway
✪ Father Figure Friendly
Aug 16, 19 at 5:03pm

I would like to enter this gibaway.

Aug 17, 19 at 2:45am

This is me expressing clear intent to enter - I guess.


Okay, almost midnight here so I am shutting this down. Entries are now closed and I will be back with results later.


Okay, here are Our winners.

Toshi - Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Laff - The Adventure Pals
Amrizz -Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
Ren - Almost There: The Platformer
Daddy - Rising Storm 2: Vietnam + 2 DLCs
Pringle - Yoku's Island Express
Saverak - Surviving Mars

I will begin attempting to contact each of you with your codes. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped spread the word. :)


Got codes sent out to all but Daddy, Ren, and Amirzz. Sending you 3 friend requests so that I can pm you.


*Huggles Oni and ruffles hair* Happy Birthday~~~


It has been one week since I sent Daddy a friend request so that I can give them their game code, and they have not accepted. If someone could contact them for me, that would be appreciated. If I still cant get in touch with them by Wednesday day, I will re-raffle the final game.

Utterly disgusting. commented on Onizukas Very Merry Unbirthday Steam Giveaway
Utterly disgusting.
Aug 24, 19 at 7:36am

I apologize! I get a lot of friend requests and didn't notice! Thank you for letting me participate c:

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