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Minecraft server


Im intent of reviving this but i doubt im capable of hosting a server


@yestotally gonna send you the invitation for discord

if not we should create a minecraft weeb server


keeping this tread alive in hopes of someone hosting the server

Jul 16, 19 at 4:35pm

What kind of server, vanilla?
ive got a self hosted one.

llemurr @llemurr commented on Minecraft server
llemurr @llemurr
Jul 16, 19 at 4:40pm

I'd definitely be up for this. Currently in the process of recovering my account but i love minecraft.

Baka @reinhardt76 commented on Minecraft server
Baka @reinhardt76
Jul 16, 19 at 4:41pm
This account has been suspended.
Jul 16, 19 at 5:02pm

alright. i can set it up. i need to look at prices, i assume most of you are NA so i'll buy an american server.

Jul 16, 19 at 5:05pm

Oh hell yeah this is an awesome idea i would love to join as well!!..if that's alright of course xD

Jul 16, 19 at 5:17pm

ok i'm fkn doing it. if anyone wants to donate money to my paypal it's johannes_is_de_koning@hotmail.com
it's 5$ a month for 2gb ram and 2 "cores" of processing power, and nvme storage. if it's not enough, i'll buy something more expensive but then i'd like people to help me out financially, because it'd bump it up to $10 a month (i know it's not a lot, but still).

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