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I love how it would've turned out, but Focusattack sent me a cracked plexi ;w; </3
The Metal Bat Qanba Dragon theme would've gone sooooo well ;A;
Sure its a small crack but my mild ocd wont let that slip >:u


Wow! I am so sorry bro....however...I can make the pain go away....with mii manly strong arms....


Meanwhile Gogeta Blue comes out tomorrow for Dragon Ball FighterZ! Anyone hyped for that?! I am!

Looks like he is gonna have a crazy mix up layout for his character build too! I love mix ups ever since the Golden O.G. Cell FighterZ days before his nerf. R.I.P. Perfect.


Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Call of duty Modern warfare, Overwatch, horror games.

丸喜 拓人 @gundamu commented on MO Fighting Game Community
丸喜 拓人 @gundamu
Sep 29, 19 at 9:06pm



Can we talk for a minute about the Governor of California himself becoming DLC today in Mortal Kombat 11?!?!!?!?

His overall fighting style is not like Jason's exactly but plays similar. However he has his own little tricks that make him unique.

His main weapon, the sawed off shotgun trademarked from the James Cameron Sci-Fi The Terminator, and boy does it pack a whallop liek in the movie as well. You can easily spend your entire meter shooting three mighty shotgun shells into your opponent forcing them to stagger back.

In that time frame he has a selectable special that allows himself to sprint full force at the opponent in that time frame to tackle him like a football linebacker ohh boi.

And his fatal OH LOOORRRD HAVE MERCY!!! His fatal is a just a sci-fi nerd's wet dream with him holding his shotgun in one hand ready to blow your brains out while smiling and giving his trademark thumbs up!!!! Afterwards he catches you after you fly back from the blast to say, "GET OVA HERE", and smacks the shit outta you to lead into a mighty titanium alloy filled headbutt making your brain turn into that jello you left in the fridge for the past month in a bowl all mashed up.

To top this post off his fatality, one in particular, is where he shoots out your knee caps and teleports you to HIS, yes HIS future, where you are greeted with the army of the metal monstrosities slowly marching towards you referencing a particular scene from the franchise. All you could do is try to crawl away since your legs are gone, and you meet your inevitable fate with the plasma rifle through the ribcage. YUUUUM!! JUICY!

Overall this has to be the best DLC character I have laid my hands on to play all day nonstop. Good fucking job Netherealm Studios!! You treated my favorite sci-fi character with class and grace!


I'm not really into fighting games, but I bought KoF 98 for nostalgia reason.
Fun times.

I'm also interested in the new Samurai Shodown game, so I'll probably get it when arrives on pc.

Dec 09, 19 at 10:25am

I been wanting to play more fight games with more people so add me on PSN or Steam my name on both is Kettledood


Oh right , I posted that way back. October 3rd was the start of my fighting game journey lol I never tried learning these games before that.

Let's see, I've played since then
KoF 98 UM
KoF 2002 UM
Guilty Gear xrd Rev2
Dragon Ball FighterZ

All of them pretty fun, Guilty Gear probably my favorite. Too bad that starting too late means there isn't many people active online to play with, and the few people currently active are gods at the game rofl. The exception being Dragon Ball.

KoF is definitely way harder than the others. Really strict timings.

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