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Favorite boss music

Apr 30, 19 at 8:42pm

idk if it counts but its a remix! :D

Apr 30, 19 at 9:52pm

Poem of all souls from persons 3 , it's epic

kuro_ commented on Favorite boss music
May 02, 19 at 2:01pm

I just enjoy the raw energy and intensity of this track

Asune commented on Favorite boss music
May 02, 19 at 3:59pm

I just really like the intensity of it. The same reason goes for this song too.

May 08, 19 at 9:03pm

Most of the Kid Icarus Uprising soundtrack is stellar when it comes to the bossfights, but I feel they showcased their best right out of the gate with the first boss:

Seriously a classic.

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