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Favorite boss music

Apr 30, 19 at 8:42pm

idk if it counts but its a remix! :D

Apr 30, 19 at 9:52pm

Poem of all souls from persons 3 , it's epic

kuro_ commented on Favorite boss music
May 02, 19 at 2:01pm

I just enjoy the raw energy and intensity of this track


I just really like the intensity of it. The same reason goes for this song too.

May 08, 19 at 9:03pm

Most of the Kid Icarus Uprising soundtrack is stellar when it comes to the bossfights, but I feel they showcased their best right out of the gate with the first boss:

Seriously a classic.

Nov 10, 19 at 2:03am

The Silent Hill series is my 2nd favorite series out there. My reason for liking this theme in particular is because out of all the final boss themes in Silent Hill this one fits the atmosphere the best.

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