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New Fire Emblem Game

Apr 11, 19 at 12:21pm

Idek who plays heroes in general lol

Apr 11, 19 at 1:34pm

It's the only mobile game I play really.

Apr 11, 19 at 1:49pm

I don't play it tbh, but I do like alot of the artwork

Apr 11, 19 at 11:06pm

i actually play it because im bored and its the only mobile game my phone can handle ..for some reason im still in a support with the Lukas... i feel like a chump for playing tho. I havent played the fangames and emulators in a long time :( i miss sacred stones ..

Apr 11, 19 at 11:15pm

There are some pretty good hacks out there

I reccomend
Order of the Crimson Arm (FE7)
Road to Ruin (FE7)
Requiem (FE7)

These are finished but still have some kinks to iron out i.e some minor bugs and supports

Apr 13, 19 at 2:27pm

I recall Requiem and Road to ruin. Since I have no current PC i'd have to wait. It's rather boring and I'm still not sure if I should get the newer game coming up.

Apr 13, 19 at 4:35pm

Well I'm waiting for a more in depth review of how the mechanics work before I put any money down.

Apr 15, 19 at 9:25pm

So far I'm still hoping to my Lord and Saviour Best Lord Hector we really don't end up with Fates#2 with split games and horrible story. If so at least we would still have the fangames and emulators. Also whicg game should I recommend to a newbie friend tho.

Apr 15, 19 at 10:21pm

Depends on what they have. Do they have 3ds or PC/Phone (Emulation)

Apr 16, 19 at 4:10am


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