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New Fire Emblem Game

Apr 02, 19 at 10:23pm

Fire Emblem Three Houses is the newest addition to the RPG series of Fire Emblem. It's supposed to be a type of new weird mechanics tacticical game. It's in the same engine used for Warriors. It's supposed to be full of amazing characters. Honestly I feel a little worried about this new game based on whats given so far. My last favorite from the series was Echoes which was a remake of Gaiden (bloody amazing). I feel like it's going to be Fates #2. Ugh I don't want to be that person but I'm praying it's not full blown waifu/husbando generator with little story type of game. I hope they keep it faithful to the old school series, but that's just me. Any opinions or thoughts?

Apr 03, 19 at 1:29am

The artstyle is really a downgrade from Echoes. It looks more like a persona game lol, it's not really fitting.
In FE, what I like from the games I enjoy is the world building. Fates failed horribly at this, plus a bad story, but at least I liked the gameplay, and Conquest was fun.
...sooo I'm not that worried. I'm positive about having good gameplay again and the trailers had shown more effort on world building (the continent has a name now rofl), so at least it will better than fates... it's not a really high bar to surpass though lol

Apr 03, 19 at 9:47pm

Tsk. Uyy bueno.. Echoes had a good story actually it changed a bit but was faithful to its original story. Plus the manga for gaiden had extra story that was added into it which was greato daze! The artist for echoes is the same guy featured in fate stay night. the new art style in three houses bothers me a bit if im correct i think its the same guy who does persona art? really hoping its not fates tho i enjoyed conquest because its supposed to be the cannon one i belived. I had few favorite characters in that game and awakening was a ok meh for me too. I think chroms a bit bland but thats just me. Im hoping they have multiple endings maybe or some extra storyline you can unlock somehow. thanks for the feedback amigo! (Also that Anna picture makes me---> (/)OwO)/)

Apr 03, 19 at 10:17pm

looking forward to it. Definitely picking Blue despite Edelgard joining my ever growing harem of Axe Waifus. What I hope is that they don't make the training mechanics too complicated. I don't want to have to look up an FAQ to know how to optimize my units.

Apr 03, 19 at 11:04pm

Echoes is so good. I already liked the original a ton, so the remake much more.

Hoping for more remakes :3

Apr 04, 19 at 10:45am

Havent they released their cypher cards already? and i believe they had a package deal for three houses already lol. also yii echoes was a good remake and had weird but good characters added like if i remember was berkut, fernand, conrad .. thats all i can remember. hope three houses isnt too weeby or boring. and aint heroes still around tho?

Apr 04, 19 at 1:10pm

Only a small sneak peek of their cards.

Well, it's not like I have many chances to play cipher.

Apr 04, 19 at 5:09pm

Oh If I had enought to collect them. I know they just pulled out a new card set a week back. With Lilliana and Roy, Conrad and others. Plus a cute card set for tiki and nowi and a celica+fae ones.

Apr 05, 19 at 10:40am

Hopefully we can get Geneology and Thracia remade and translated as well.

Apr 05, 19 at 9:43pm

they have an emulator with the game translated. i forgot where but they did and a geneology/tharcia remake would make me happy. i get to watch human bbqs in cgi now. :)

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