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New Fire Emblem Game

Apr 09, 19 at 5:19pm

the newer games so far

Apr 09, 19 at 5:40pm

Considering Koei Tecmo is codeveloping it, it's a possibility.

Apr 09, 19 at 7:14pm

So far Ive seen it drop frames dramatically in gameplay.Idk I buy every fe game when it comes out, but I just hope its decent.

Apr 09, 19 at 11:19pm

It's clear that this is the start of a new phase in the series. It usually happens with the transition to a new console.

Apr 10, 19 at 7:31pm

Yeah I have a switch with only one copy of a game. so im waiting for the new fire emblem to purchase in copy. Ive seen the bundle and it seems boring to me a bit. Hopefully they wont screw it over and decide to separate the game.. like they did to fates..

Apr 10, 19 at 7:42pm

Geez imagine if they did separate it into 3 parts smh

Apr 10, 19 at 7:47pm

Then I'm uninstalling Heroes and never buying another game in the series ever again

PM commented on New Fire Emblem Game
Apr 10, 19 at 7:50pm

More like FE go chose which pokemon starter you want

Apr 10, 19 at 8:15pm

And if you want to pick another starter you have to pay for it

Apr 10, 19 at 10:51pm

guys guys lets not jump to conclusions we have yet to see it on sale and besides .... people still play fe heroes and offer money to the company anyway.. who pays for orbs ha

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