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Hello, are there any fans of Dark Solus?


From the souls saga which was your favorite?


Demon's Souls
I wish the other games would have put character artworks in the loading screens too instead of item descriptions.

Mar 11, 19 at 3:06pm

If you're right ... it would be better.

Mar 12, 19 at 11:21am

DS3, I prefer fast paced


Demon's Souls, it was the one that got me into the series and will always hold that special spot.

Apr 07, 19 at 2:44pm

Haven't had the chance to play Demon Souls, but I've beaten DS 1-3, Bloodborne, and I'm on Sekiro now. If anyone has a PS4 and wants to co-op, SSJGodBob(7 possibly)96


Still waiting for that PS4 remastered Demon Souls :( The only soulsborne game I haven't played yet. Dark Souls 1 was my favorite game though, the atmosphere and the lore (and the boss fights of course) were amazing. I'll never forget my first playthrough. :D Dark Souls 3 wasn't bad in my opinion, but I think that the atmosphere wasn't as depressing and oppressive as the feelings I experienced while playing the first game. Bloodborne was awesome too, I'm hoping for a second game in that universe. :x I'm that type of person looking up all that lore stuff btw, not the tryhard no-hit-run guy :p

bashful_hubris commented on Hello, are there any fans of Dark Solus?
Apr 16, 19 at 5:29pm

Lost my virginty to Dark Souls 1, so you can imagine I'm a bit biased and love Dark Souls 1 alot.

Same, still waiting for a Demon Souls remaster. I use to come over to my friend's house to play that one, with my friend.

Apr 16, 19 at 5:32pm

Lost mine to Bloodborne. I've been fucked by them all now though. (The From Soft games.)

Apr 20, 19 at 8:36am

DS1 had the best level design and exploration imo. DS3 really improved on the boss fights and mechanics of the game. Bloodborne is my favorite fromsoft game by far though, i think they nailed both :)

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