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Hello, are there any fans of Dark Solus?


I popped my From Software cherry with Sekiro.

Not sure how Sekiro compare to the other souls games? I've seen the comment section for youtube and some say that Dark souls is harder while others say that Sekiro is harder. Aaaah youtube, your number one source for critical thinking, lol. IDK? I'll be the judge of that once I play Dark Souls. But I first have to finish Sekiro. At the beginning of the game the rage was real for this hoe (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻. The level of ecstasy once you beat a boss is something that can't be described. I'm getting better and better and I don't die as often. I think I'm near the end of the game


Shrek-iro Die Twice

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