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So, that new Pokemon Direct


I'm not feeling any of them but I might warm up to some. I usually picked plant pokemon but the last few starters have been meh.


I wonder if the bunny is based on Sonic. One of his development designs was a rabbit.

Feb 27, 19 at 2:41pm

he does look like a platformer mascot

Feb 27, 19 at 7:13pm

It kinda had the Sonic stance in the CG trailer XD

Feb 27, 19 at 11:41pm

I was much less hyped than I expected to be honest, so I can't say much.

The water mon is the best though.

Feb 28, 19 at 3:03am

I really like the look of Scorbunny, but Fennekin looked nice too, but it's evolutions were terrible. At least in my eyes T.T

Mar 08, 19 at 1:07am

Ah this game is gonna be awesome. 8)

Mar 08, 19 at 4:20am

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