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Feb 25, 19 at 9:10am

I've heard it's more fun if you have a full crew since playing with randoms is a mixed bag.

Feb 25, 19 at 9:10am

I mean, I'd never dream of going into a random match right now, it would be unfair to inflict my playing on other people.

Feb 25, 19 at 9:12am

I use to feel that way manga birb, but you’ll gain more experience indulging in the toxic and diving into random games!

Feb 26, 19 at 12:21am

I will only go in with randoms if it's the terrorist hunt mode. I mean there are still toxic people there, but not as bad. Well at least from my experience.

Jul 15, 19 at 12:41pm

im an active Rainbow 6 Siege player. Im only at gold tho :(

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