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Feb 08, 19 at 7:17am

Anyone here plays R6s? Been playing with randoms all the time, plus they b trolls ahah

Trashy Trapy commented on RAINBOW SIX SIEGE!!
Trashy Trapy
Feb 08, 19 at 7:46am

I did play it a lot before, but since I too mostly played with randoms, the matches was often slaughtered by trolls or salty team-mates. So I haven't play'd in a long time now.

Feb 08, 19 at 7:51am

@trashy trapy I c i c, yeah its quite difficult to deal with them when they start blaming you and all

Trashy Trapy commented on RAINBOW SIX SIEGE!!
Trashy Trapy
Feb 08, 19 at 7:52am

It is. Or when they kick you just because you're the last one alive, lol.

Bitch please commented on RAINBOW SIX SIEGE!!
Bitch please
Feb 09, 19 at 12:02pm
This account has been suspended.
Feb 10, 19 at 1:52am

@trashy trapy but if you play with good mates the game is god and enjoyable unless your friends start going against you LOL

@Tabris the game has a quite difficult learning curve because its not your typical fps like CoD, Csgo or Battlefield game. Its quite tactical and heavily team based game. I like this game because of that

Feb 10, 19 at 2:21am

I use to play over on xbox with my friends. Been busy with other games and well work. I think it's a fun game, but playing without friends is a nightmare, I can't stand playing without someone.

Feb 24, 19 at 12:18am

Sherflow does, and I have it, but I need to learn to play! I really got into it watching Sherflow play, but I've never played first person, I haven't played mouse and keyboard, and I haven't played a shooter. I've done some of the training missions, but I'm still trying to figure things out.

Feb 24, 19 at 11:46am

@cupofshinji I totally agree with you! all the nightmares and rages ahah

@Manga_bird its fun in the beginning I guess, but once you start getting the hang of it and play solo its sometimes annoying ahaah. As you can see from our previous comments above

Feb 24, 19 at 11:42pm

I mean once you get the hang of it the game can be fun. I've played multiple first person shooters, so I had no issue getting into it. Only thing I struggle with is with knowing the locations on the map.

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