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Resident evil 2

Jan 27, 19 at 2:16pm

Anyone playing resident evil 2?
Pretty much stuck after getting the magnum since the tyrant and 2 lickers in the hallway. I keep dying. Any help?

Jan 27, 19 at 4:57pm

After you get the Magnum, its best to save the ammo for the boss fights that you encounter. As for progressing in the game, your going to have to find the circuit board pieces for the Jail cell to get the garage keycard to escape. (Hint if you havent done so, check the morgue for a certain key item, youll know what im talking about if you saw it. It's easily missed.)

.|. commented on Resident evil 2
Jan 27, 19 at 5:08pm

I am in the sewer about to get back up with someone i dont wanted say who because i am sure yall would like to find that out yourselfs but so far i like it, it really different from the original one dont get me wrong it has it's frustrating parts like with the tyrant because you can only shoot him in the head.

Jan 27, 19 at 5:13pm

I have currently finished Leon's route, about to start Claire's route soon!

Jan 27, 19 at 5:24pm

I've been playing it all weekend pretty much. Pretty sure I'm nearing the end of Leon's route though I've been mostly playing in short bursts since I've been playing Ace Combat 7 too

milktee commented on Resident evil 2
Jan 27, 19 at 5:49pm

I just finished some of the sewer. Don’t want to give spoilers...But I need to do more tomorrow I have to get ready for a full day of patients tomorrow. I’ll be sure to finish Leon’s chapter tomorrow at the least.

Baka commented on Resident evil 2
Jan 27, 19 at 5:53pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 27, 19 at 7:09pm

I will buy it in holidays so I can enjoy all the game from 2 to 6 :D would be a nice week

Jan 27, 19 at 7:33pm

Finished my first playthrough with Leon earlier today and started the 2nd run with Claire. Love everything about the game... except for the Tyrant xD Well, he was cool during the initial anxiety he causes you to feel as he stalks you around, but then it just got annoying. Like, sometimes I just wanna wander around slowly... sometimes I just wanna work on opening a door... and instead the stupid Tyrant's gotta keep coming into the room I'm in -_-

Kinda wish there was an evade move too, but then it wouldn't be a Resident Evil game anymore xD

Jan 27, 19 at 7:45pm

Yeah, the Tyrant starts off as spooky and then he gets old pretty quick. My tone quickly shifted from "oh shit, he's coming. gotta get away" to "ah man, and then there's this fucking asshole again. can I just get from point a to point b without having to take a detour already?" The worst moment I had was getting the handle for the jack in the library. I didn't bother killing the two lickers or any of the new zombies in the west wing can just sneak by them easily. And that went super smooth as I got all of the loot and stuff in the west wing along with the handle.

Though once I got the handle everything went to shit because the Tyrant was literally standing outside of the door as soon as I walked out of that room. Had to run past the lickers and all of the zombies with basically everything grabbing me or hitting me at least once. Only managed to survive because I had like 3 combat knives and two flash grenades. Oh but it doesn't even end there, he literally blocked me from moving the bookshelves into place to cross the broken floor by standing in between the bookshelves when he made his way into the library. I was soooo close to just losing him and getting to the clocktower. :u

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