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Resident evil 2

Jan 28, 19 at 2:22am

Mannnnnnn Hardcore is on a totally different level than standard. Nothing dies, more lickers spawn around every corner, ammo is hard, AND THE WORSE/Thrilling/best part is.... Mr. X walks slightly faster! >.>
I'm half way through claire's route, and let me tell you... IT IS ROUGH!

milktee commented on Resident evil 2
Jan 28, 19 at 6:34am

Arrrrrgh. That mode sounds crazy hard. But I will try it anyway. Sounds very frustrating though. Mr. X is already annoying as hell. I can’t imagine how annoying he will be in a harder mode x_x

Jan 28, 19 at 11:54am

I think the fact that Mr. X makes you do these detours, in hard mode the zombies spawn more/get harder as you progress in the game. All the zombies you thought that would never move again, ALL WAKE UP at the worst possible time awaiting to be sandwiched by a big oof (Mr.X) or a cluster of zombies

Jan 28, 19 at 11:58am

I took out a loan for a car so I can buy the game a few days early, I’m so excited!!!!


(Jk jk but I did stop by the bank for.. reasons)

kojiro00 commented on Resident evil 2
Jan 28, 19 at 7:17pm

Trying to beat it in hard mode right now, it more fun that way.

Feb 01, 19 at 11:41am

Creep past lickers slowly, recommend to A.D.S as it makes you walk slower and quieter, only evade maneuver is the 180 and run method and tyrant is a joke, hella annoying but easy to lose. If you’ve been blasting the legs off zombies you’ll have saved ammo and can easily run past them as they’ll permanently be crawling. It’s like the old COD zombie method of leaving a crawler so you can do what you need to.

The game looks and feels amazing and has a bunch of Easter eggs for die hard fans of the original. Campaigns are a bit short but that ads to the replay factor as you’ll chase those S ranks down with faster times and no aid sprays used.

Feb 09, 19 at 12:15pm

F my life. I have a huge backlog of games. Gonna take a while before I get to RE2.

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