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Video Game Music That Left An Impression On You


As far as I can remember, the soundtrack of the very first "Golden Axe" game was the first one which got stuck into my head and which I started humming out loud. Perhaps this is because it was the only PC-port of a game that I had which was able to play music even if your computer didn't have a SoundBlaster chip.
(My family's first computer didn't have any SoundBlaster chip installed, so I couldn't hear the music from the vast majority of the games that I played until many years later. But "Golden Axe" was the rare gem that magically allowed me to hear the music through 8-bit chirps of the default PC-speaker system.)


When I was ironing out the story for the manga I'm making, the soundtrack for The World Ends with You is the exact feeling I want the world to have


Definetely Transistor and Lisa

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