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Video Game Music That Left An Impression On You


As far as I can remember, the soundtrack of the very first "Golden Axe" game was the first one which got stuck into my head and which I started humming out loud. Perhaps this is because it was the only PC-port of a game that I had which was able to play music even if your computer didn't have a SoundBlaster chip.
(My family's first computer didn't have any SoundBlaster chip installed, so I couldn't hear the music from the vast majority of the games that I played until many years later. But "Golden Axe" was the rare gem that magically allowed me to hear the music through 8-bit chirps of the default PC-speaker system.)


When I was ironing out the story for the manga I'm making, the soundtrack for The World Ends with You is the exact feeling I want the world to have


Definetely Transistor and Lisa


Lone Survivor Director's Cut soundtrack.

The game was developed by Jasper Byrne, he placed every scene with his own original music.

Making every moment very, powerful.

Every scene moved to his music so perfectly, I cried like 10 times in this game.

This song was the most powerful song of them all. The only one with has his actual voice in it.


This one damn song is my nostalgia, back in the days of the game :D


Let the tears roll when I heard the love theme for MGS4 during the microwave bit. Not so much the scene by itself. But the context of the game being a heroes journey laid to rest and how that was reflected in Kojima's mentality at the time.

And just to comment on others, Lisa stuck cause it's so bloody bizarre, liked lone survivor mostly because it was following in the footsteps of silent hill ost. I think it's important to remember the context for when a good track hits you, cause that's what sticks it in a playlist.


This opening still gives me goosebumps every time.
Game: Chrono Cross
OST: Time's Scar

This song's beautiful yet tragic. Have to admit this song hit me harder after I beat the game. Understanding the whole story and connection to the first game. I really wish there was a remake of this and Chrono Trigger. The music for this game is so underrated. Any JRPG fans should give this game a go.


For personal reasons.


The last Final Fantasy I finished before I joined the workforce. I essentially became a basic adult. Paying bills/rent and getting bitter each day.

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