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Favorite Playstation 1 game

VeZeal commented on Favorite Playstation 1 game
Dec 06, 18 at 2:52pm

As stated before, there's so many to choose!

Mega Man X4
Tekken 3
Chrono Cross
Lunar series
Breath of Fire 3

Just to name a few

Dec 18, 18 at 12:03pm

redwildllama: Oh yeah the opening to Wild Arms is incredible, I must have watched it 10 times already and I've never played the game yet ^^'

And it's as people say, it's hard to pick just one title. My favorite is definitively Metal Gear Solid but I also love Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bash, Spyro 2, Medievil (I actually played the remake on psp), Crash Team Racing, Resident Evil 1 and 2, Parasite Eve, etc.


Frogger and Crash Bandicoot 2. I think I also still have a copy of Scooby doo and the Cyber chase floating around here somewhere....

Kazz commented on Favorite Playstation 1 game
Dec 20, 18 at 10:47am

I remember playing a lot of the final fantasy games on ps1 and loving them the most. I had so many other games though I can't even remember most of them, that was a long time ago.

Dec 20, 18 at 1:46pm

Mine would have to be Spyro The Dragon.


Final Fantasy 9.

Dec 22, 18 at 9:32pm

Bushido Blade


Tomb Raider II
Silent Hill
Nightmare Creatures

Those are some of my PS1 favorites.

Ether commented on Favorite Playstation 1 game
Dec 28, 18 at 12:27am

Eretzvaju (Evil Zone)
Soul Blade
Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar 2
Gran Turismo 2 <3 Moon Over The Castle OST
Ehrgeiz - God Bless The Ring (A New Quest - Forsaken Dungeon)
Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver
Bushido Blade

Jan 01, 19 at 12:42am

Tekken 2 with its awesome stages and OST
Spyro Year Of The Dragon- An extrodinarily high peak in the platform genre.

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