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25 year old Male
Last online 3 days ago
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Jan 19, 19 at 1:51pm

Hope you've been well and enjoying the new year!

Neverland @dakoya Tis now 1/29/2019 a month into the new year. Hoping you are swell guy!
[Bunny] Taiyou @taiyou left a comment for mechasuitmania001
[Bunny] Taiyou @taiyou
Dec 29, 18 at 9:19pm

Did you vote for Gendou?

Dec 29, 18 at 12:03am

It was great holmes, got to eat some delicious food and got some nice presents. The only thing that would've made it better was a giant heaping of snowfall. Too bad that doesn't seem likely this year. At least I've been able to get in a lot of reading. On the negative side, my sleep schedule is becoming wack T.T

Dec 28, 18 at 9:24pm

merry x-mas and happy new year

Dec 27, 18 at 3:54pm

Hey holmes, hope you've been well and enjoyed a pleasant xmas.

Dec 23, 18 at 6:50pm

Thanks for the offer, I'll be sure to utilize your wit if I ever run into such a problem. Which reminds me I should be working on an assignment atm.

Dec 23, 18 at 5:57pm

I've done that before lol and it usually ends up lost in my folders on my computer. I think finding a muse in the first place will be difficult. The criteria for a muse is high in my opinion.

Dec 23, 18 at 5:29pm

That's not a bad idea. I have somewhat of the same problem too, which is why I can never start anything. It just makes me more lazy. I feel like I have to be perfectionist before I get started on some work.

Dec 23, 18 at 4:58pm

I think you'd need to get some experience or maybe do a youtube channel or something to get that started. Finding some good sponsors would be ideal.

Dec 23, 18 at 4:43pm

Dude that would be wicked if you could get something like that to work. But like all dreams, you'd have to start out small. Do you any cosplaying by chance?