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Elgardiel left a comment for Ether
Mar 15, 19 at 5:47pm

Linux ... mmm 'mai got!' (my god xD ) Till this day if not the ez of Gaming on windows machine, I would go back to Linux .. I remmber when I first time used it on my outdated laptop ..that 'sucked' so hard on windwos xp (despite that one of few GOOD windows) ...
I installed ubuntu ...and WOW ... my laptop felt like 3 grand laptop ..responsive... Just how ez and quick it was to install/ use
..and how well it wroked.
Big fan of linux, despite I have to stick to Windwos due to my gaming ... I know u can game on linux, but as well it's more ez on windows pc.

Agree on reliable part, no one want to build a PC that would brake ..we build to last. Aesthetic play important role to ..we all like nice things :) ...and obviosly Value ... some people can drop X k on stuff like it was nothing, we 'mortals' we like value ... AMD offers great value :)

Nice you had msi and sweet you used to virtualisation :D

If u ever want to post some tech stuff on my wall ..feel free :D You re always welcome :D

Elgardiel left a comment for Ether
Mar 01, 19 at 3:56pm

Looking in to 'What Are You Listening To Right Now?'
I approve your music taste ^_^

Feb 16, 19 at 12:50am

Going to bed finally...

Feb 01, 19 at 5:55pm

I'm sooo happy *sniffles* finally gonna get my rx 580 8gb card and it only took me one year to finally get around to it