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What was your favorite game for the Nintendo 64?

Sep 13, 18 at 1:43am

Most underrated yet a helluva a gem for the N64. I remembered playing this soooo much as a kid. Each time I complete the game I'd start a new game to play again. I did this so many times it annoyed my older brother and he hid the game from me. I can remember how my Dad forced my brother to give me back the game. Aw man good times good times.



Hell yeah, both Mystical Ninja and Goemon's Great Adventure were such fun games. I don't hear others talk about them much.


@gurren-sounds like a plan to me!

@Muggleborn-hah...well I uh didn't say I'd be the very best or anything... I'm actually probably the worst!!! xD I'd like to blame it on the fact that I have small hands....but I've always been kinda bad. I'm hit or miss at mario party!!! I think I'm only good at bomberman. I'm terrible at Diddy Kong racing, but I like the multiplayer battle rounds. I can gather all the dino egggsss!!!!

Sep 13, 18 at 1:55pm

In the days when the internet porn was scarce

You made things work


honourable mention... sure it wasn't Metal Gear but I still played it to death


DAMN, uhhhh Pokemon stadium...... is what I'd like to say...

But my first games were Diddy Kong racing and Star Wars Pod Racers.... Tie between those. FIGHT ME, I can't choose just one <3


Yesss, Diddy Kong racing was my jam. Star Fox 64, Mischief Makers, Smash Bros, Goldeneye, and Bomberman were other staples. :u


My favorite would be Donkey Kong 64, I can still remember my mind being blown by the big world and everything I could do was also my first N64 game. I will never forget my first game XD
Other titles I love are Supermario 64 I played that a lot with my niece back in the day and Mario party/SuperSmashBros with my little brothers. Pokemon stadium and Banjo Kazooie also great memories from that time.. (Also legend of zelda ocarina of time but I didn't understand what to do most of the time cuz I couldnt read english back then so we always runned around looking for what we need to do next)


Conkers bad fur day of course. They don't make em this anymore

Nov 06, 18 at 12:05pm

Oh there's no doubt. The original Paper Mario. Still have fun playing it today.

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