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What was your favorite game for the Nintendo 64?


I know that we all love the new games of today but I want to see what people say about the old games which I'm talking about the Nintendo 64 which was literally the Xbox and Playstation back in the day. My favorite game for the Nintendo 64 would have to be Conker's bad fur day but what is yours?

Sep 12, 18 at 11:12am

I like this thread. My favorite game is Majora's Mask hands down. Its one of those games I did not like as a kid or the first few times playing it but it grew on me the older I got and then I understood the message of the game. Plus its one of the hardest games I ever played because you can only save if you go back in time, but then if you do you have to start the dungeon you were in all over again. Or if you die (cough cough Gyorg) you have to repeat everything again just to get to the boss. It made the game satisfying when you finally beat it. Doesn't help your limited on time, I didn't know you can slow it down until 75% of the game through.


Agreed, good thread. Hmmm, too tight to call... would be a four-way tie between Goldeneye, F-Zero X, Banjo-Kazooie and Ocarina of Time.

No love for Perfect Dark ¬¬


Either of the two Zeldas, Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. I prefer Ocarina of Time a little bit more, but I love both to death.


Super Mario 64


My favorite N64 game will always be Banjo Kazooie!!

Sep 12, 18 at 5:37pm

Did any Banjo Kazooie fans find the ice key and the secret eggs? Still don't know what they were used for.


@PK - I watched videos online, they were meant to be swapped over to the next game but the project was never finished fully so they more or less became novelty items?

Sep 12, 18 at 6:15pm

Didn't know that I wonder if they disk drive peripheral being cancelled messed that idea up

TheSailingTeacup commented on What was your favorite game for the Nintendo 64?
Sep 12, 18 at 6:22pm

BOMBERMANNNNNNN!!!!! I also loved Mischief Makers and ofc Mario Kart. Diddy Kong racing was fun too :) and mario party if you had sleep overs :)

Now I feel like playing!!! Oh and Golden Eye is like the only shooter game I think I've ever been decent at, but that's only in multi mode. I never tried it solo. Bro was too good at everythhinnngggg!

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