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ᏞookᏢassᎢheᏢain @ithurts

Got any other Isekai novels that might be interesting?

I have read, mushoku tensei, slime, reincarnated as a sword, bookworm, dungeon defense

Much appreciated!!


@ithurts is it super pay to win or is it actually fun for free?

Jun 12, 20 at 2:48pm

@kxgami_gxng No problem.

@swadian Mushoku Tensei was one of my favorites. I use to read the manga for a bit. But, I forgot about it because the updates were really slow. I want to revisit it now.

These are the only isekai light novels I've read. They all smack to me.

Isekai Meikyuu De Harem O

Cooking Wild Game

The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary

Glutton Berserker ~The One That
Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~

That Person. Later on…


ᏞookᏢassᎢheᏢain @ithurts

Thank you very much!

I totally reccomend you checking the light novel, it is why I also dropped the manga, was taking them ages to finish the first volumes and there's 21 of them, so, yup, no thanks.

Jun 12, 20 at 2:56pm


Here's the subreddit. The community is friendly and they have a discord.

You can literally just reroll accounts until you get a decent starting team. It's easy just depends on how lucky you are.
There's guides on the reddit.

I think most people reroll till they get atleast a LE+ DPS and a LE or LE+ Healer. But, I'm not sure. I don't reroll that takes to long for me. I'm pretty lucky :).

It's always best to make a account during a event with LE ++ or atleast a event that gives a lot of free stuff.

As a new player during a event there very generous.

It's fun for free. My first time playing it was cashless. Then I lost my account.

I just made a new account last month. I only spent $200 on my first day because I was a veteran player and wanted a headstart on the grind. But, after that I probably spend like $10 to $20 a month just for quality of life improvements

Jun 12, 20 at 3:07pm

@swadian You welcome, I might still finish up on the manga first. I have to be really invested to wanna read a novel. I need those pictures for my immersion levels.

Jun 21, 20 at 12:21pm

1st place looks doable. I can't make anymore mistakes.

Jun 21, 20 at 12:34pm

Probably my favorite picture I’ve taken in no man’s sky (^^).


One of the worst things I've done to a game when I was bored
My own cursed resource pack, still under development.

Jun 23, 20 at 5:34am

Got the Agent Set in Persona 4 Golden. Now everyone looks fresh as hell.

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