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Games You're Looking Forward To

I'm hopeful that the Hogwarts game is good! As long as it doesn't suck, I'll get it and dump my entire life into it xD (and I haven't even seen the last 3 films)
Only One https://youtu.be/cH3wS_Ld33U So close, yet so far away 13 years waiting https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FgVH2VQWAAMBRm_.jpg
I'm praying the One Piece turn based rpg that comes out in a couple weeks doesn't suck. For the love of god, please be at least a 7... https://yo-game.jp/wp-content/uploads/one-piece-odyssey-xx_5.jpeg
Even tho May is still months away, and I don't have a Switch, Tears of the Kingdom is by far the game I'm looking forward to the most before the Summer season games release. I already told my friend irl that I'll be going over to her place every night to commandeer her Switch xD https://media.tenor.com/6A74jfdGqC8AAAAd/the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-the-legend-of-zelda.gif
@verucassault I'm cautiously optimistic. Whole bunch of different studios from different countries are making new Silent Hills games. Some might be trash. Some might be good. I think Konomi is throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks. We shall see.
Was looking forward to Forspoken for a loooooong time. But all the signs are there that the game is trash... 1. The demo showed unimpressive graphics, a trash HUD, and verified how cringe the dialogue is 2. They withdrew the 2 year PS5 exclusive and are releasing it on PC simultaneously- An indication they realize it will bomb and are hoping to just make as much money right now as possible 3. The PC specs for "Recommended System Requirements" are: 8th gen i7 CPU, RTX 3070, and 24gb memory... JUST TO GET 30fps at 1440p loooooooool. To require that for a game that doesn't even look THAT great just screams poor development and optimization. 3a. The "Minimum" requirements are a 3rd gen i7 and GTX 1060... and that gets you 30fps at 720p. To put that in perspective, based on a survey Steam did a couple years ago, a GTX 1060 is the most common GPU power level of the average player on Steam. 4. It's 2 days before release and NO REVIEWS
I'm looking forward to the Kirby remake that was from the Wii... My mouth dropped when I saw the announcement.
I'm looking forward to the dead space remake that comes out Friday already got it pre-ordered and plan to play it as soon as I wake up Friday
First couple of Dead Space were fire. Since I already played the originals. I'm just gonna wait till the remake comes down in price to get it
Oh look, the Forspoken reviews are finally allowed to be released now that the game comes out at midnight... and of 62 individual reviews, it has an average score of 68/100. This is why I never pre-order games.
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