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The Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro Hub




76 better be cross platform. Either way, I'm getting it on PC.

Jun 11, 18 at 5:32am

I am kind of disappointed that 76 is going to be exclusively online. :( I just feel like it will take away from the story and the world building, just my opinion though. I’ll still give it a shot of course, because I love fallout, but I’m very VERY on the fence about it.

It also kind of sucks that someone can blow up all your shit (gives me horror flashbacks to Ark) but it’s cool at the same time I guess??


Same here Mango I agree

Jun 11, 18 at 5:35am

You should have seen my face when he said it was going to be online only lmao my roommate was laughing their ass off. I was so pissed/confused/disappointed lmao I don’t even now how to describe it

Jun 11, 18 at 5:36am

Also does this mean V.A.T.S won’t be a thing can’t freeze online play? Kind of sad :(


Same, I was speechless (speech skill went down) when he said that. Like wtf even. Tho dat Power Armor Edition...
(Bought it >3>)


Didn't they say online and offline works?

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