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The Fire emblem Hub

Nov 17, 18 at 2:04pm

hhh i've spent so much money on Orbs for Heroes. Finally got around to actually earning them and I feel so much better about my life choices lol. Also finally finished my Ares build and just need to finish my Soleil and Eirika builds

Whisp commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Nov 17, 18 at 2:25pm

First time I know of someone who spent money on FEH xD

Nov 19, 18 at 5:20pm

I used to, but I have other hobbies to spend on now.

Nov 19, 18 at 5:28pm

FEH basically gives me all the orbs I need as is. Haven't spent money in a long time. Granted I've only really spent money for new units rather than all the alts we've been getting lately.

Nov 24, 18 at 9:29pm

Can anyone tell me what their first game of FE was like?

My first game was Path of Radiance and I basically got all my weak units killed off with only a few strong units near the end. Then they died too and I somehow finished the game w/ Tourmond as my main mage who nuked all the dragons at the end as a super high sage. My memories of it were fun and sad, mainly b/c I at first thought your units would revive every chapter. It was a cruel mistake on my part.

Whisp commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Nov 25, 18 at 11:42am

It was Blazing Sword, but it was so long ago that I can't really remember how it went.
I only remember liking it a lot because it was like advance wars, but better :D Also I thought for a moment the game was over after Lyn's story lol, but it was a pleasent surprise knowing that there was much more.

Nov 25, 18 at 11:54am

Mine was Sacred Stones, didn't know jack shit and got most of my units killed and wasnt aware of permadeath. I enjoyed the game as I kept playing it. After that I got Path of Radiance, which I loved, went back and got Blazing Sword, then played Sealed Sword (Binding Blade) and then discovered Genealogy of the Holy War (Favorite in the Series)

Nov 25, 18 at 12:14pm

By the way you should try playing the GBA Rom hacks. So far I've completely played:

• Order of the Crimson Arm (Complete, but still recieving updates)
• Road to Ruin (Complete, but still recieving updates)
• Requiem (Complete)
• The Last Promise (Complete, just ignore Kelik)

Nov 25, 18 at 12:19pm

These are some other ones that I've played but aren't finished or on hiatus/dead:

• Staff of Ages (Ongoing)
• Under Grey Skies (Ongoing)
• FE4 Remake (Ongoing, 2nd Generation only)
• Midnight Sun (Unknown, probably dead)
• Death or Glory (Unknown, probably dead)
• Dream of Five (Unknown, probably dead too)

Ed~ commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Nov 25, 18 at 12:28pm
This account has been suspended.
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