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The Fire emblem Hub

Oct 09, 18 at 3:41pm

Half way through New Mystery, which is a lovely nostalgia trip re-meeting all the old characters again after playing Shadow Dragon 10 years ago but...

Woah... way too many characters.

Agreed, the artwork for Shadows of Valentia is gorgeous, some really nice FE cipher artwork out there also.
For me Awakening is best game for FE beginners by far, then Shadow Dragon for the lore.


I think Henry and Olivia are the only ones I always pair up every playthrough no matter what.

Whisp commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Oct 28, 18 at 11:01pm

I think I never used henry in any playthrough lel

Oct 29, 18 at 1:21am

Henry is such a good boy though.


Indeed, he is my absolute fave

Nov 17, 18 at 4:43am

Currently playing Fire Emblem: Awakening & Fire Emblem Heroes

Whisp commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Nov 17, 18 at 11:45am

My enjoyment of Heroes lasted for a year...too much grinding >.>, but I like to follow the art of new characters, and the last game mode added looks better.


Got back to playing Heroes after leaving it for a year.

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