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Magic The Gathering?


She is without Silvar.

Used together she supplies human tokens you can sacrifice to power him up.

I have them both 8D


Might try it in mtgo. Najeela probably stronger but Trynn definitely waifu material


I've decided since white and blue are my weakest colors I'm going to force myself to make a couple monodecks.

I use blue but with black or green and I only use white accompanied by black and red.

Nov 27, 21 at 5:43pm

If you're running mono blue run some platinum angles lol. There's a lot of blue douche cards to complement it



Dis? I think Arc has this card in his angel deck. lol

Nov 27, 21 at 5:46pm

Yes lmao. I tried to build a deck around it to see how unfun I could make magic for people


Shockingly not as expensive as I thought. Mint Foil is $20.

I wouldn't hate this one in foil but why buy that when the normal v is $8ish. That's a bit more reasonable and I probably only need a couple for a 60 card deck.

Nov 27, 21 at 6:34pm

Yea I also used soul conduit in my mono blue deck. I basically built an artifact deck. Lol


I finally got one of my Sacred Foundrys for my Red/White Burn/Lifelink deck and need 1 more


Nice, Dual lands are always good value!

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