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Magic The Gathering?


This means ANY counters or abilities on mutated creatures are reactivated for the new creature. It's stronger than I originally thought and can be used to make an absolute game ending beast if used correctly.


Yup yup. I'm working with 2 or 3 Ikoria heavy decks. Like it's not as powerful as I first thought getting used to Ikoria, but if you use these cards in commander they can be devastating.


True, that's how they set up the blocks.

But, let's face it. Most people prefer commander anyways


Thought I would post this here:

Rules for Domination

This is for 6 or more players. You play the game standard or with commander rules.

Every time you defeat a player, they continue to play the game under the player that defeated them. They keep their turns and their cards that are out in play but they work to preserve the player that beat them. The goal is to dominate your friends.

Early game is all about finding the players to best support your deck and taking them out. Later is all about large scale fights and the stack can get insane!


Interesting way to keep people in the game after they are out. Unfortunately, our group is only up to 5. There are 2 former MTG players lingering on the fringe we keep trying to rope in, but both refuse to play because it's 1. a money suck and 2. creates frictions in relationships. lol.

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