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Magic The Gathering?


I need a good EDH teams deck. My zombies aren't really partner friendly. *kicks rock*
So much for sewing chaos...


Hmmmm, never made an EDH team deck.... I have a project!


tested anowon and seems his card draw isn't reliable.

How about kaseto is he a good commander?


I rocked out my Vampire EDH deck yesterday. It played really well. We did a 5 player free for all. I managed to hang in until the very end but ultimately was strong armed by a ridiculous PREMADE bastard deck a friend bought. Gonna find which one it was.


@verucassault, Slap a Doubling Season on that shit!

It'll double your tokens and counters.


oh no no no.. This was the deck that won our free for all. I will be sure to not tell that person to get that card. haha...

OOOOH I have a question for you @locknivar

Since I am a MTG noob. Is it an unspoken law in EDH that you don't destroy people's lands/mana?

Because that card specifically turns your land into an elemental creature that can be killed but it still remains a land. So when you kill this elemental, does it go to the graveyard? It's kinda like shooting yourself in the foot if you play EDH.


@verucassault. No, I've played against plenty of "White Wennie" style commander decks. I can see it as a "Gentleman's Agreement" for newer players. But in advanced or tournament play, you can bet it's free game. Some advanced decks, like my Esper deck, don't even use mana after a few rounds.

It just depends on when someone in your group is going to cross that line. And when they do, they cannot be a dick about it. That will get some players to stop. This is because of personal experience. I've seen people rage quit IRL.


Good to know. I won't ever play tournaments. I get why people would. I really just get enjoyment out of building decks and seeing how well they do. I wouldn't say I'm an agro player, I just like to cause chaos. If I see someone in our match just owning everyone else, I like to throw out boardwipes and destroy creature stuff. LOL. That's why I love black so much.


I would suggest going just to see how others build their deck and get some critiques, but to each their won.

Black is great, but I always pair it with blue for some of that control. It's a great double middle finger when you want it to be.

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