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Monster Hunter World (ps4)


Charles stfu and get owned by the cranpire


Me when the other hunters cart


That ducks throwing the Hitler hand


I honestly really need those where I'm at, at this point


Guess I’ll pick them up. I play with basic builds anyway. I don’t need any boost to be good


I'm fucking stuck on Mr 3 everything keeps killing me and I'm so tilted at this point Im actually on a break.
I don't like to think I'm bad I actually have some /decent/ armor and a /decent/ weapon. I should do some quests for my tail raiders to get me mats :/
Edit: never thought I'd hate snow in s video game so much


i need to ask, is there pvp elements in mhw ? can u troll people ? y'know, give them a hard time, make them question their time and sanity ?

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