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Games that made you emotional

Oct 01, 18 at 8:10pm

Losing in a WW2 Simulator really got to me, not kidding. I felt very suicidial..

bedivere_a commented on Games that made you emotional
Oct 02, 18 at 6:01pm

The ending to Persona 5, knowing you've finished the game. Wish i could go back and experience it all again first hand!

Oct 03, 18 at 12:23am

I remember being made to feel emotion at the tale end of the first Dishonored (spoiler warning for those who have not played the game yet.) When beating the game and playing Chaotic/Lethal, Samuel the Boatman drops you off at the last leg of the game. He basically morally eviscerates you, and then fires a gun to warn everyone on the island that you're coming. Despite him feeding me poison a few hours earlier, I remember that cutting me deep. It almost felt like father didn't hate me, but he was so dissapointed in me he could never interact with me again and washed his hands of me. That's like, the only way I can put it into words.

Oct 05, 18 at 7:40pm

Being a big Mario fan, I actually got so emotional when I beat Mario Oddysey and saw the credits. Nostalgia hit me so hard during the credits and I remember all the memories his games gave me.

Baka commented on Games that made you emotional
Oct 05, 18 at 7:51pm
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Oct 05, 18 at 7:56pm

I have but sadly I cannot remember what game or what games they were. I really wish that I did because I know there have been one or two that have made me feel that emotional about them. Right now the closest I can come to hamstring this is by you saying Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2. After finishing the first game I had an intense urge to go by the second one to try and reunite Sora and Kyrie(can't remember the spelling of her name).



Oct 20, 18 at 8:57pm
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Jul 19, 19 at 4:53am

The Last of Us made me quite a bit sad, uwu

Jul 19, 19 at 4:55am

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

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