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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]


Megaman X5

(Beta Stage X)

(Beta Stage Zero)

X vs Zero <3

X vs Zero (Beta)

X vs Zero (Breis)

X vs Zero (Breis 2016)


Nier Automata really knocked it out of the park. I could put like 5 or more other tracks from the game here, but this one is probably my personal favorite.

Persona 5... also knocked it out of the park. Two homerun games back to back in one year. It was insane.

Katamari Damacy in general has some phenomenal music. Half of it is a total joke, of which half of that is still really good. The other half is slightly more serious and sentimental music.

Metal Gear Rising really took a different avenue. They made songs that most exemplified the characters behind boss fights, so the songs weren't exactly meant to connect with you as a listener. They really did a good job illustrating the characters, though.

Gitaroo Man. What a game. A music game where you traced a line and followed along with the sound of a guitar in each of the stages. The music was fantastic, and the visuals to accompany them were all a real treat. Gitaroo Man has more notable songs, but the best one I feel isn't done justice in the album version, and so this is my personal favorite of the album versions of the tracks.

If I go on for too long I'll add 500 lines to this page.


Lol feel free to post as much as you want X3


Megaman X5

Zero Virus Stage

Zero Virus Stage (SNES Remix)

Zero Virus Stage (Remix)

Zero Virus Stage (Remix)


Yes! I love the Megaman X and Persona series' soundtracks. Especially X4-6 and P5.


currently listening to 7th dragon music

and also tokyo sequence but I can't find a video for that one.


Final Fantasy 5 - Sealed Away


Final Fantasy 5 - Unknown Lands

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