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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]


This would be the theme song of a 90s Terminator anime. The whole soundtrack to this game is nothing short of amazing.



I've met Tommy Tallarico before. This first work of his is perhaps the complete opposite.



I'd have to guess that was Tommy doing something awful on purpose. Knowing him that wouldn't surprise me. I mean that was 1993, the same year as Terminator and another one of his best works Cool Spot.


the music from the new doom eternal dlcs slaps



I wish they had rehashed this song for DOOM Eternal. It could have fit in there rather well.


I think they have a couple songs in there that were remastered and remade old songs from the old games, I think there was one from doom 3.


For some reason this was my favorite song in the Timesplitters series and I think the only song to be in all 3 games.


I loved that Timesplitters series. Princess was a bitch to beat for me back then but man it was funny I love the 1v1 in it.The characters were awesome.."I am the glovanor pick me I'm quite handy!!""Someone pinch me winkles!!"

"Bite my crunchy brown ass!" I always pick gingerbread man!!xD

Darkwatch was awesome too.

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