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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]


This is basically the "What are you listening to Right Now" thread, but just the Video Game version of it.
I listen to a lot of music and a majority of that consists of music from video games.
SO I wanna hear more and see what other game soundtracks all of you like.
Feel free to post your favorite tunes and such, I look forward to listening and adding more music to my Library, and I'm sure you are too :D

P.S doesn't matter which version of the track it is: Original, Remastered, Arranged, Remix, Etc.
Just share away :D


One of my favorite soundtracks


@Elhaym I like it :)

Definetly one of my favorite Ryu themes out there, 3rd Strike is amazing

Love this theme, not just as a Ken player, but in general

Rock Howard yo!

Fighting game music always gets me pumped up and ready for the gym


The Last Blade...
Jesus the music is just amazing


Street Fighter music and no Volcanic Rim? For shame.

Here are some other stuff I like


Didn't want to spam street fighter >3>
(Which I probably would do lol)


Dragon Quest honestly has some of my favorite music in terms of video games ever but there's definitely tons more that I like a lot. But here's some Dragon Quest anyway. :u

and other stuff:


I'm actually cheating a bit here but this is probably the greatest cover to one of the greatest video game songs for one of the greatest moments in video games ever (at least to me teehee c:):


Megaman X4 Soundtrack

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