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Game Grumps made me famous

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqrDgjSucwk if you've watched this ep of game grumps and heard the fanfic they read during their "sonic unleashed" LP, then i have to say than you. yup. i'm max acorn and i wrote that fic they enjoyed.
Bless. They need to do a grump off episode where Danny and Arin read fanfics. You know for even more humor and annoyance (which I don't, not sure about everyone) let's add Ross to the mix.
if you say so. i'm not that big of a GG fan. lol
I'm seeing them live this weekend. Maybe I can work this into the question I get to ask. Lol
Ahh lucky you
Arc had a sugar daddy moment and got us VIP tickies. 8D I'm excited.
Jun 07, 22 at 8:27am
I have a million questions I want to ask the Grumps but I have to narrow it down to only one. Huge anxiety lol
Oh thats got to be tough
I know my dumbass would ask them something stupid or just use it to try my best Obama "Danny and Arnold" thing haha
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