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Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?


Ninja!!!!... well... pvp as ninja isnt fun anymore... but... Ninja!

Jun 07, 18 at 12:13am

Just renewed my subscription. Goodbye real world.

Aug 06, 18 at 8:38pm

I'm on Malboro!

Nov 23, 18 at 12:55pm

Yap, playing it every now and then. I'm on Chaos data center and utterly *adore* DPS queues so if anyone's over here and wouldn't mind shooting the shit with me on occasion, that'd be sweet.

Also who else's hyped for Shadowbringers?

We getting daring in here.


I did! Once... 2 years ago... did I already mention that on this thread? I'm too lazy to go check...

Dec 04, 18 at 2:32am

I'm active on Tonberry :)

Dec 04, 18 at 10:52am

I main on Cerberus, stream on Omega and play with my American friends on Midgardsormr.


On Siren... I main as black mage and am working on red mage whenever I can. Though I decide to go inactive for a bit.
I really love this game, but man... I don't know what it is, I'm just bad at playing with others online.
I tend to just solo stuff as much as possible. Playing with strangers usually ends up with them telling me I'm doing my job wrong, so that's no good. My schedule is too irregular to play with friends, and sometimes I get to be so busy that a whole month will go by without me even playing. Still need to start Stormblood even... It's like I am not meant to play this game but man I still keep trying despite that.

Dec 05, 18 at 6:25am

@ツンペーパー Knowing the game's community, they wouldn't be saying that without a reason. Don't want a lackluster DPS holding the party down but worry not, have you tried looking up guides on your job? There's plenty of resources online, be it from youtube or reddit. Basically you want to know all the ins and outs of what you're doing. Also looking up the dungeons you're doing beforehand helps a bunch to avoid awkward mess ups.

You could also set up a parser to confirm you're performing well.

I find myself doing 50% of the party's damage as a RDM often lol.


I have looked at several guides, my DPS output has never been a problem. Usually I get stuck in parties where the healer complains about me (always white mages) I keep telling the healer to not heal me and just worry about the tank. Still they heal me anyways and not the tank and then we wipe out. My main issue with the game in general is looking up everything and always to be expected to play the game like a pro all the time. I play because I enjoy it, not because I want to keep doing some set rotation over and over again.
I feel that also contributes to why I have issues playing with others. Maybe I just don't understand what it means to play this game in general? Maybe I play for the wrong reasons? So I guess I will stick with solo play.

That is great but my pc is really bad so I play the game on console.

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